Serendipity has many spirits. Recent name of an ancient concept, that each of us experience some day in life, when the slightest detail can lead you to a unique find.

Henry’Serendipity is a state of mind, an inspirational place, a pleasure for the senses, the necessary time to decide and a world of exclusivity knowing that, as human’s DNA, each pearl from our lagoons is different.

Our approach, our concept, will receive an answer from only a few. For those who already have seen the world wonders, it will be a real pleasure to feel that one can always be amazed by the beauty of nature.

Pearls and jewels

Our perles de Tahiti are visited on a daily basis by our divers, taking care of them by snorkeling around during hours in the translucent lagoon waters. They require three to four years of constant nurturing and monitoring, six for some of them, in order to be mature.

Our realizations are made exclusively upon request, for women and men, your jewel will be authentically unique. We can show you some previous original jewels to inspire you to make your own composition.

Exceptional pearls are hard to come by, as Nature has no production schedule ! That's where we need patience and serendipity !

Deliver by hand

Directly from the Polynesian lagoon where they where born and live. We will bring you, with no intermediary, the pearl or mother of pearl jewel of your choice. Respecting this wonderful and valuable natural phenomenon, it will be our pleasure to personally deliver, coming with its legal “certificate of origin”… whatever country you live in as it cannot be conceivable for us to use a carrier.

Life warranty

Because our pearl farmer’s respect is unstinting toward their breeding and the person that will wear them, your jewel is supported by a lifetime warranty limited only by responsible use. Warranty details are explained on our VIP page. Please ask your private VIP access code.

Tahitian Black Pearls of Exception

  • …My wife is wearing her necklace like 3 times a week and she’s playing with her pearls as you invited her to do… fascinating…

  • … Merci henry d’avoir apporté un concept nouveau dans le plaisir d’offrir… Je ne manquerais pas de faire passer. Toutes mes amitiés…

  • …Henry, I will come back to you soon, my niece is turning 18 in a few months. Another Serendip adventure !

  • I almost not believe in your offer when first saw it and I would have make a great mistake...Best from my wife A…, she’s delighted…

  • Un gran agradecimiento de Madrid, encontrarse fue un real placer y vuestra idea del concepto de Serendipia es unico ! ...Cordiales sentimentos...

  • … Let me tell you that the fact that you’re personnaly delivering is an enourmous aspect of respect. OK, India is not so far from you, but still… It was a real pleasure to organize this with you…

  • Henry it was a great pleasure to be in contact with you. What you brung us was outstanding… Thank you

  • The Serendip concept was known to me before, but never the way you are offering it… Exceptional ! Thank You…


Let's create your own fantasy jewel !

With black or colored pearls, from chocker to Miss Chanel necklace (short or long), single or multi rows, linear or twisted, mounted on mother of pearl…

Wherever your inspiration leads you, we will follow…

Time now to unleash your creativity senses and with courtesy of some owners, we will show you different creations, on the VIP section of the site.

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